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This is a short collection of programming notes and code snippets for some of the Indy protocols.

It assumes you are using Indy 10 and most versions of Delphi but it has not been tested on the latest Unicode versions. While Indy 9 is still useful, it is missing many of the features of Indy 10, and the features cannot easily be back-ported because Indy 10 is structurally different in many ways. If you hit a bug, upgrade to the latest version of Indy because your bug will probably have been fixed.

For example, Indy 9 supports only a few simple types of emails, so if you are doing anything more complicated than sending simple emails, you should change to Indy 10 which has all the features that allow you to write a full-blown email client.

Similarly the Imap code was completely rewritten for Indy 10 - the Indy 9 version will not bring you any joy.